Best Move-to-Earn Games: Earn Crypto by Working Out

Best Move-to-Earn Games: Earn Crypto by Working Out

by Andrea Knezovic

Before we get into our list of best move-to-earn games in 2022, here’s a short explanation of how they work.

Put simply, move-to-earn games are a type of blockchain game that reward people with crypto for moving and being active. They’re also known as move and earn games, move2earn games, and Fitness Finance (FitFi).

Move-to-earn games have a similar concept as play-to-earn games, which reward players for playing the game. Most of the time, users are required to purchase tokens to start earning. However, some games don’t require an initial investment.

Merging fitness, which is an everyday part of so many people’s lives, with blockchain technology, may boost mainstream crypto adoption. In other words, for many people, move-to-earn games will be the gateway to the crypto world. Furthermore, creating a gamified experience for the fitness industry opens up many new opportunities and revolutionizes the industry.

Without further ado, here are the best move-to-earn games you should try!

stepn move to earn game


Blockchain: Solana

Token: GMT

Platform: Browser, mobile

STEPN is currently the most popular move-to-earn project. Put simply, it is a running app that rewards players for moving.

This move-to-earn game is in the public beta phase and is showing a lot of promise. So far, it has been downloaded more than 5 million times. (AppMagic) Currently, it’s the most popular in Russia, as this is where the majority of downloads come from.

Here’s how STEPN works.

Earning with STEPN

To start earning, you need to purchase a Sneaker NFT with SOL. You can do that through the in-app marketplace using the in-app wallet or through secondary NFT marketplaces like Magic Eden, where the lowest price for a shoe is around $50 at the moment.

When you move around, whether it’s walking, running, or jogging, you earn the game’s tokens. The tokens you earn can be swapped for USDC. In short, this is how you make money from this game.

This was the simple explanation. However, STEPN is significantly more complex than that. Here’s a more in-depth explanation of how it works.

stepn sneakers

How Much Can You Earn with STEPN

The amount you can earn in STEPN depends on several different factors – sneaker type, sneaker’s attributes, GPS signal, and speed of movement. For example, you need to stay within the predetermined optimal speed to earn the maximum amount. If you move faster or slower, your earnings may go down by up to 90%!

It’s important to note that to earn tokens, players need energy (1 energy = 5 minutes of move and earn). For sneaker owners, energy replenishes by 25% every 6 hours. To increase energy levels, users can buy more sneakers. Thus, the more shoes you own, the longer you can move and earn.

Furthermore, there are various types of sneakers in terms of style, rarity, attributes, and earning power. Furthermore, a sneaker’s attributes and efficiency can be increased with gems and users can sell a sneaker or mint a new one. Minting is done by “breeding” two sneakers to create a new shoe. Naturally, higher sneaker efficiency means more tokens earned per minute.

STEPN announced that it will soon be possible to rent a sneaker for free and share profits with the renter. This is great for those who don’t want to buy an NFT to start earning.

STEPN Tokens

This game has two native tokens, GMT and GST, making it a dual token economy. GMT is a governance token and GST is a utility token. Sustainability should come from constant GST and GMT burning (sneaker repair, customization fee, sneaker minting, leveling up sneaker, etc.).

These tokens also represent the two main earning models. Players from level 0 to 29 can only earn GST, while those who are level 30 or above can choose between GMT and GST.

If you want to learn even more about the ins and outs of STEPN, I recommend that you read its whitepaper.

step app

2. Step App

Blockchain: Avalanche

Token: FITFI

Platform: Android, iOS

Step App is an Avalanche-powered upcoming move-to-earn game similar to STEPN. It is published by Eduisfun and is currently in private beta. The goal of the app is to encourage people to be more active and reach their fitness goals in an innovative and fun way. Furthermore, its purpose is to bring crypto to the masses.

Here’s what we know about Step App so far.

stepp app

How Does Step App Work?

The Step App promises rich social and competitive metaverse experiences. Each user gets a metaverse avatar and the goal is to complete various fitness goals. The social aspect comes in the form of player vs. player fitness competitions. The final piece of the puzzle is earning. Users can earn the game’s tokens by completing fitness quests and challenges.

According to its website, Step App’s economy is built on staking, locks, liquidity incentives, buybacks, and burns. Furthermore, it is balanced with the aforementioned social and earning mechanics. According to Step App developers, “The app focuses on experience-based consumption to ensure token emissions are offset by leisurely spending.”

Step App has two main tokens – FITFI and KCAL. The former is a governance token, while the latter is an in-game token players can earn by running while staking NFTs. Furthermore, KCAL is used to buy and mint SNEAKs, which are non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Step App Staking

Staking in Step App is based on perpetual staking contracts. A one-time stake is enough to get access to every opportunity in the Step App ecosystem. By staking FITFI, early adopters can earn drop tickets and loot boxes, which may contain SNEAKs (35% probability).


3. Genopets

Blockchain: Solana

Token: GENE

Platform: Android, iOS

Genopets is one of the more interesting projects on our list of move-to-earn games. It mixes the move-to-earn concept with the role-playing genre. Did I mention there are also cute pets involved? Genopets seems to have it all. It is currently in public beta with the goal of expanding its userbase.

genopets nft

How to Play Genopets?

Here’s how this game works.

As the name implies, digital pets are at the core of Genopets. They are a virtual representation of you and as you evolve, your pet evolves as well. To play the game, you simply need to start moving, as this is a free-to-play game that doesn’t require an initial investment. Whether you’re hitting the treadmill at the gym or hiking in nature, your pet will always be with you.

However, Genopets are not simply your companions – you need to nurture them, you can use them for battle in turn-based challenges, and you can customize them by crafting NFTs. For those of us who are old enough to remember, it’s a lot like taking care of your Tamagotchi, but in web3. Additionally, Genopets also have some similarities with Pokemon.

Leveling up your Genopet makes it go up in value and increases its rarity, which is beneficial if you decide to trade it in marketplaces.

The steps you make each day are converted to Energy, which unlocks many opportunities to earn rewards and is used inside the game as fuel. Unlike STEPN, Genopets doesn’t require GPS. It uses your phone’s pedometer to track your steps.

Furthermore, if the players own a Habitat (a home for their pet), they can convert Energy to KI, the game’s token. In turn, KI can be used to access additional game features. You can also convert Energy to XP (not a token), which you can use to level up your pet.

Learn more about Genopets’ tokens and what they’re for in the following section.

genopets tokens

Genopets Economy

Genopets is based on a dual-token economy that consists of KI and GENE tokens.

KI is the game’s utility token and can be used for crafting, refining crystals, and terraforming. GENE is a token used for governance and voting, as a utility token for NFT sales and crafting items.

dotmoovs app

4. Dotmoovs

Blockchain: Ethereum

Token: MOOV

Platform: Android, iOS

Dotmoovs is an innovative sports app that allows you to compete in various metaverse challenges and competitions. Essentially, two people from different parts of the world could compete against each other in sports from their living room.

Cool, right?

The app’s AI and scoring algorithm detects human bodies and their movements to determine who had better performance. So far only two sports are available – freestyle football (soccer) and dance, but more are coming soon.

dotmoovs nft

How to Earn in Dotmoovs

The earning aspect comes in the form of monetizing the time you put into training and honing your skills. Users are rewarded with NFTs and the game’s token MOOV, which can be exchanged for fiat currencies.

As it’s the case with most move-to-earn games, you need to purchase an NFT to start playing. However, Dotmooves also allows you to rent an NFT and share the profits. Then it’s time to play – mimic your favorite dance or do your best football tricks. There are multiple gaming modes including solo, party, teams, and pro seasons.

When you win a challenge or you rent an NFT to a winning player, you’ll get rewarded with MOOV. Then, you can use the game’s token to improve your equipment, buy other NFTs, or convert it to another currency.

Here’s more info about the game’s token and its economy.

dotmooves tokenomics

Dotmoovs Game Economy

The purpose of Dotmoovs’ native token, MOOV, is to democratize access to sports competitions and give everyone a level playing field.

To get MOOV or NFT rewards, you need to compete in various challenges, improve your ranking, and complete various milestones. Furthermore, you can also stake MOOV and earn NFT collectibles.

According to Dotmoovs whitepaper, MOOVS can be used and earned in these ways – to buy NFTs, recharge NFTs, play legendary challenges, challenge other players, and rent NFTs.

calo move to earn game

5. Calo

Blockchain: BNB Chain

Token: CALO

Platform: Android, iOS

The final platform on our list of best move-to-earn games is Calo, a metaverse that’s currently in Beta phase 2.

Like most other move-to-earn games, Calo is about earning a passive income by being active and working out. It is very similar to STEPN, as you’ll learn in the following section.

Here’s more info on how Calo works.

calo tokenomics

Earning with Calo

Just like in STEPN, you need a SNEAKER NFT to take part in the move-to-earn. You’ll also need Stamina (the same thing as STEPN’s Energy). Every 1 Stamina is equivalent to 5 minutes of your moving and it generates at a rate of 25% every 6 hours.

Once you got your sneakers and some Stamina, you can start moving and earning FIT, the game’s token.

These are the main factors that determine how much FIT you earn – sneaker type, sneaker attributes, speed of the sneaker, your moving speed, GPS signal, and mobile connection strength. Once again, all this is pretty much the same as in STEPN so I won’t go into more details.

So far, there’s only a single game mode, however, more game modes are in development – challenge mode, team challenge mode, and VR PvP mode.

What’s unique about Calo is the addition of the gacha system. In single mode, players get randomly allocated gacha boxes that contain in-game items.

Like all other move-to-earn games on this list, Calo also is a dual token economy. As I mentioned before, the token you earn by moving is FIT and its quantity is unlimited. You can burn FIT by minting shoes, repairing shoes, leveling up sneakers, and upgrading stones.

CALO, on the other hand, is a limited supply token. Staking it gives users voting power.

Best Move-to-Earn Games: Wrapping Up

You’ve come to the end of our list of best move-to-earn games. Which one do you like the most? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!


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