21 Best NFT Analytics Platforms for Traders and Collectors

21 Best NFT Analytics Platforms for Traders and Collectors

by Andrea Knezovic

If you want to become an NFT expert, make informed trading decisions, and avoid rug pulls, you need access to a lot of advanced data. NFT analytics platforms are perfect for that as they aggregate all the NFT data you need, in one place.

Here are the best ones.


Nansen is one of the most popular platforms for crypto, DeFi, and NFT analytics. This powerful NFT tool analyzes more than 100 million blockchain wallets and their activity and ranks them by total profit made. Furthermore, you can access these NFT leaderboards for any collection. That gives you an understanding of the decisions of top NFT collectors and informs your NFT strategy.

The main downside of Nansen is that it isn’t free. To access its data, the lowest amount you need to pay is $89 per month, billed annually. For full access, you’ll need to fork out up to almost $3,000 per month.

Here’s more info on pricing

Nansen Pricing

  • Standard plan (from $89 to $149 based on billing cycle)
  • VIP (from $899 to $1,490)
  • Alpha (from $1,799 to $2,999)
  • Enterprise (contact Nansen)

top nft collections by volume in 2022

Dune Analytics

Dune is another magnificent analytics platform with various dashboards, including NFT-related ones. For example, you can find out what are the top NFT collections by volume, get access to NFT market overview dashboards, NFT prices, general blockchain statistics, and much more.

What makes Dune Analytics unique is that it’s 100% free and anyone can contribute to it.

Dune Analytics Pricing

  • Free

Icy Tools

Icy tools is one of the major NFT analytics platforms that helps you discover and track NFTs, and understand the NFT market to make better trading decisions. Get access to real-time feeds of trending and minting NFTs, top collections, sales history, and much more. Furthermore, all feeds and watchlists are customizable and you can set up custom alerts.

Icy Tools Pricing

  • Some features are free
  • Premium features are $75 for 1 month or $375 for 6 months of access

NFT OnChained

NFT OnChained is an AI-powered NFT analytics tool that helps you find new trading opportunities. It has a ton of useful NFT tools like NFT screener that displays underpriced OpenSea listings and Stat table for discovering trending collections. Furthermore, the Portfolio Tracker shows you estimates of the value of your collection. Additionally, Price Charts is a complex and advanced tool that includes custom indicators like fear, greed, percent listed, active Discord member, etc.

NFT OnChained Pricing

  • Free basic plan
  • Standard plan (0.14 ETH quarterly)
  • Premium (0.41 ETH quarterly)


Next up is NFT Go. It’s advertised as an all-in-one NFT analytics tool. In the Market Overview dashboard, you get insight into the overall state of the NFT market, including current market sentiment, profit and loss, blue chip index, and much more.

Other NFT Go features include lists of top collections, top mints, newly added NFTs, top sales, profit leaderboard, and data on NFT marketplaces. Additionally, you can track whales and NFT drops, which is also quite useful.

NFT Go Pricing

  • Free


Another great NFT analytics platform for keeping up with NFTs is Compass. This tool helps you spot valuable collections before they become mainstream and know when to buy and sell, as timing is essential.

Other useful Compass features are the ability to track your portfolio, get custom alerts, and follow whales. All that helps you become a better NFT trader and maximize your profits.

Compass Pricing

  • Basic features are free
  • Premium features for 0.069 ETH for one month, 0.39 ETH for six months, 0.69 ETH for a year, and a lifetime pass is sold on OpenSea as an NFT.


Ayzd is a powerful metaverse and NFT analytics platform. Here’s what it can do. You can find out about upcoming NFT drops, browse top NFT collections, learn about the team behind collections, as well as similar projects. Additionally, Ayzd scores each NFT project based on its utility, uniqueness, community, team, viral potential, and visual quality.

All that helps you be ahead of the market and make smarter decisions.

Ayzd Pricing

  • Free


Next up on our list of NFT analytics platforms is Moby. With Moby, you get access to real-time data on mints, sales, sweeps, whales, and wallets. Furthermore, you can track hot collections and get a sense of the overall NFT market.

A Cool Moby feature is the NFT screener which allows you to “combine custom filters to build your own rankings and discover new trading opportunities.” However, that feature is available only to Pro users. The same goes for the Watchlist feature that lets you keep track of your favorite collections.

Moby Pricing

  • Most features are free
  • Access to real-time data costs 0.1 ETH for six months


WGMI is primarily an NFT portfolio management tool. It offers insight into the value and performance of your portfolio. Furthermore, WGMI helps you keep up with all the market trends with its Market Dashboard, create a custom NFT newsfeed, and customize portfolio valuation.

WGMI Pricing

  • Some features are available for free
  • For access to all features, you must hold seasonal WGMI All Access NFT

NFT Nerds

If you want to discover and analyze the best NFT collections on the market, NFT Nerds might be a good choice. By setting up custom alerts, you can be the first one to know when a collection drops and make a purchase in seconds.

Furthermore, NFT Nerds’ data has rarity information, which is useful because you don’t need an additional tool – all you need is available on one platform.

NFT Nerds Pricing

  • Some features are available for free
  • Premium membership – 0.15 ETH

Flips Finance

Flips Finance is full of useful data on NFT rankings, insights into market pulse, and top 24 changes. All that helps you act quickly and make better trading decisions. Furthermore, you can view the most active projects by sale count, buyer count, and volume. There are also a ton of premium features like comparing two projects, project revenues, quick buy from listing feeds, monitoring five collections at once, and much more.

Flips Finance Pricing

  • Basic features are free
  • Premium features are available to Flip Gold Pass holders


Cryptoscores allows you to track so many useful things like live mints, live sales, whales, and wallets. Moreover, the platform’s Signal Index feature lets you see projects based on their in-house liquidity thresholds and understand price changes.

Additionally, you can set up custom alerts that you get in real-time and never miss an important drop or price change.

Cryptoscores Pricing

  • Some features are free
  • Premium features require a subscription (no pricing info available)


NonFungible is an advanced tool for collectors, businesses, investors, and market researchers. It helps you spot market trends and analyze top collections and sales.

Additionally, NonFungible publishes quarterly NFT reports, which are also useful for navigating through the NFT market.

NonFungible Pricing

Not available – you need to contact NonFungible to get pricing info.


Uniq is an NFT insights platform that doesn’t have as many features as other platforms on this list. However, it’s free and useful for tracking top 24-hour floor changes that include both pumps and dumps. You can also track top NFT collections by volume, blue chip NFT collections, and which collections are being minted right now.

  • Free

Other Useful NFT Tools


When buying an NFT, one of the main things you want to know is how rare it is, as that’s one of the factors that determines its value. Rarity.tools helps you do just that. For example, you can look up any NFT to learn how rare it is. Furthermore, you can explore NFTs from a certain collection and find out how rare they are within the collection and which traits have the highest rarity score.

Rarity.tools falls into the category of free NFT tools, which is a plus.

Rarity Sniffer

Another great NFT tool for discovering the rarity of a token is Rarity Sniffer. For example, it allows you to rank non-fungible tokens within a collection based on its rarity rank. Furthermore, there are many useful filters for improving your search like price, rarity score, traits, and listing type.


CryptoSlam is a trusted NFT data aggregator with tons of useful features. In the NFT rankings section, you can get data on top collections by sales volume, NFT swap rankings, top NFT collectible sales, top fan tokens, and more.

Another cool CryptoSlam feature is upcoming drops. Here, you can browse through new NFT drops and track upcoming collections.

Ninja Alerts

If you want to track all top NFT trades, you can set up custom NFT alerts with Ninja Alerts. Essentially, with this (mobile and desktop) app, you get push notifications for Ethereum transactions. Furthermore, you can track top trades and their moves, view trending NFTs and upcoming drops, and get real-time data for every project and wallet.

All that helps you become a better NFT trader.

Upcoming NFT

Even though you can track upcoming NFT collections on many analytics platforms, there are also NFT tools that focus solely on that. Upcoming NFT is exactly that. Even though this tool doesn’t have many flashy features, it is helpful in searching for upcoming NFTs.

NFT Drops Calendar

If you’re looking for a simple free tool for discovering upcoming NFTs, try NFT Drops Calendar. You’ll never miss an important NFT drop ever again and won’t have to buy on secondary markets.

You can search for upcoming NFT collections on specific blockchains, search by tags, and sort by mint date, mint price, Twitter followers, and Discord members.


BitDegree is an educational hub that aggregates a lot of crypto, DeFi, dApps, and NFT data.

You can analyze NFT collections by tracking various metrics and rankings like top NFT collections, top NFT sales, and top NFT marketplaces.

NFT Pirates

This tool is quite interesting – it’s an automated NFT assistant. NFT Pirates’ The Bidder assistant helps you bid, scrape, and outbid other users. Essentially, it’s a bidding bot that makes sure you don’t miss a rare NFT or an opportunity to buy under value price.

The Sniper assistant helps you snipe any listing. It has multiple sniper options.

Final Thoughts on NFT Analytics Platforms

Which NFT tool is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


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