153 Jaw-Dropping Blockchain Statistics for 2023 and Beyond

153 Jaw-Dropping Blockchain Statistics for 2023 and Beyond

by Andrea Knezovic

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Data source is placed in parentheses at the end of each statistic or the beginning of a section.

General Blockchain Statistics 2022

  • The blockchain market size in 2021 was almost $6 billion. That number is projected to grow by 85.9% and reach $1.4 trillion by 2030. (Grand View Research)
  • Financial services, government, healthcare, media & entertainment, and retail have the highest blockchain market opportunity. (Grand View Research)
  • Blockchain technology is set to boost global GDP by $1.76 trillion by 2030. (Finances Online)
  • As you might expect, banking is the sector with the highest distribution of blockchain market value (60%). (Statista)

top dapps in 2022 blockchain statistics

  • Top dApps based on daily market cap in the past 180 days (February to August 2022) were UniSwap, Axie Infinity, Curve, PancakeSwap, dYdX, Lido Finance, Aave, Ethereum Name Service, The Graph, and 1inch. (Token Terminal)
  • By the end of 2021, there were almost 300 million crypto owners. That number is predicted to grow to 1 billion by the end of 2022. (Crypto.com)
  • 5% of the blockchain audience were men, while 20.5% were women in Q2 2022. Furthermore, the majority of blockchain users are Millenials and Gen Z. (DappRadar)
  • 9% of users access web3 via desktop, 48.2% prefer mobile access, while only 0.9% use tablets. (DappRadar)
  • The number of Unique Active Wallets (UAW) interacting with dApps reached 2.11 million in Q2 2022. That’s 11% less than the previous quarter, but 62% more than in the same period the previous year (Q2 2021). More than 800 thousand of those wallets are interacting with blockchain games. (DappRadar)
  • As of July 2022, there are more than 83 million Blockchain.com wallet users. (Statista)

doloitte blockchain survey

  • 81% of survey respondents from the financial service industry think that “blockchain technology is broadly scalable and has achieved mainstream adoption.” Furthermore, 80% think their “industry will see new revenue streams from blockchain technology and/or crypto solutions.” (Deloitte)
  • 76% of financial executives believe that “digital assets will be a strong alternative or replacement for fiat currencies in the next five to ten years.” (Deloitte)
  • According to survey respondents who work in the financial industry, cybersecurity is the biggest obstacle to the acceptance and use of digital assets globally. (Deloitte)

blockchain funding 2022 statistics

Blockchain Statistics: Funding and Investment

  • 6 billion USD was spent on blockchain solutions worldwide in 2021. That number is projected to grow to $19 billion by 2024. (Statista)
  • Global blockchain funding went down 29% in Q2 2022 ($6.5 billion), compared to the previous quarter ($9.2 billion). (CB Insights)
  • Blockchain funding from $100M+ mega-rounds fell from $5.6 billion in Q1 2022 to $2.6B in Q2 2022, that’s a 54% decrease. (CB Insights)
  • 57% of blockchain funding went to Web3 startups. More specifically, $3.7 billion out of $6.5 billion. (CB Insights)
  • Unlike global blockchain funding, Europe’s blockchain funding went up 40% and hit a record in Q2 2022 – $1.4 billion. (CB Insights)
  • There were 54 M&A exits in Q1 2022 and 49 in Q2 2022, on pace for a record year. Some of the top exits were Wyre, REVA, Coinberry, BITOM, and OpenLocker. (CB Insights)
  • The largest funding round of any blockchain project was worth $680 million raised by Sorare, an NFT fantasy football platform. (Newzoo)

top blockchain investors in 2022

  • The top blockchain investor by company count for the third straight quarter is Animoca Brands. Other leading blockchain investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital, and Jump Crypto. (CB Insights)
  • As you might expect, Silicon Valley was the number one location for blockchain funding in the US in Q2 2022, followed by New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. (CB Insights)
  • VCs lead investor deal share in Q2 2022 (28%), followed by Corp (15%), Other (15%), Angel (14%), Asset/Investment Management (13%), CVC (9%), Incubator/Accelerator (4%), and Private Equity (2%). (CB Insights)
  • The average blockchain deal size in 2022 was $19 million. (CB Insights)
  • There were 50% fewer blockchain unicorns in Q2 2022 (16) than in the previous quarter (8).

blockchain unicorns in 2022

  • Top blockchain unicorn births were KuCoin, Babel Finance, Magic Eden, Boba, Talos 0x, Genies, and Opn. (CB Insights)
  • Top blockchain unicorns by valuation were FTX, Ripple, Blockchain.com, OpenSea, Bitmain Technologies, Alchemy, KuCoin, Digital Currency Group, Chainalysis, Fireblocks, FalconX, and StarkWare. (CB Insights)

top blockchain equity deals in 2022

Top Equity Deals

Data source: CB Insights

Above, you can see a list of top equity deals in Q2 2022.

seed angel deals blockchain

Top Seed/Angel Deals

Data source: CB Insights

This is a list of top seed/angel deals from Q2 2022.

top blockhain companies by funding

Top Companies That Raised Funding

Data source: CB Insights

This is a list of companies that raised funding in Q2 2022 by Mosaic score.

top0 blockchains by market cap in 2022

Blockchain Networks Statistics

  • Ethereum is the top chain in terms of total value locked or TVL (49% – $48 billion), while BNB Chain is in second place with $6 billion in TVL. (DappRadar)
  • Top blockchains based on daily market caps in the past 180 days (February to August 2022) were Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Avalanche, Solana, Filecoin, Dogecoin, Polygon, and Polkadot. (Token Terminal)
  • Leading blockchain networks by daily total revenue in the past 180 days (February to August 2022) were Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Filecoin, Helium, Solana, Polygon, Optimism, Avalanche, and Arbitrum. (Token Terminal)

ethereum blockchain revenue 2022

Ethereum Statistics

  • Ethereum’s trading volume in Q2 2022 is 40% less than in the previous quarter. (DappRadar)
  • When comparing Q2 2021 and Q2 2022, Ethereum network revenue went down 33.4% – from $1.91 billion to $1.28 billion. (TokenTerminal)
  • In Q2 2022, Ethereum network revenue was over 538,562 ETH, or $852 million. (Dune)
  • There were 930,845 new smart contracts on the Ethereum network in Q2 2022.
  • If we look at daily active unique wallets on the Ethereum network, they declined 20.6% – from 593,404 in Q2 2021 to 471,447 in Q2 2022. (Etherscan)

ether staked graph

  • The number of Ether coins staked on the Beacon Chain increased 116% – from 6.01 million in Q2 2021 to 12.98 million in Q2 2022. (Nansen)
  • During Q2 2022, Ether supply increased from about 118 million coins at the beginning of the quarter to almost 120 million at the end of the quarter. (Etherscan)
  • Ether’s inflation rate decreased 37% from 1.12% in Q2 2021 to 0.71% in Q2 2022. That’s most likely due to fee burning, which was implemented in Q3 2021. (Bankless)

stablecoins tvo

  • The number of stablecoins in circulation on the Ethereum network increased 43% – from $76.58 billion in Q2 2021 to $109.50 billion in Q2 2022. (Dune)
  • 389,380 ETH was burned back in Q3 2021. That equals to around $619 million. (Dune)
  • As of August 2022, there were a total of 16,661,956,364 transactions on the Ethereum network. (Dune)

reasons to buy bitcoin

Interest in Bitcoin Survey

Data source: Block, Inc. Survey Report 2022

  • The main reason people invest in Bitcoin is the potential to make money. More specifically, 50% of survey respondents with higher income and 38% with lower income buy Bitcoin for that reason.
  • When it comes to utility reasons, easy way to send money to others and purchasing goods and services, are at the top of the list. Interestingly, respondents with lower incomes note these reasons more frequently. Furthermore, these reasons also appeal to people from countries with lower per capita GDP and higher shares of income from remittances.
  • 27% of higher-income respondents and 17% of lower-income respondents say they buy Bitcoin as protection against inflation. Furthermore, there is a correlation between a country’s inflation rates and the attitude towards Bitcoin as protection from it.
  • When it comes to knowledge of Bitcoin by gender, it leans mostly towards men in the Americas. In EMEA and APAC, women tend to consider themselves experts on Bitcoin among their family and friends more than men. For example, 17% of female respondents from the EMEA region consider themselves experts and 18% consider themselves very knowledgeable, compared to just 4% and 13% of men.

bitcion inclusivity

  • Respondents were also asked whether they feel that the Bitcoin community is not inclusive of people like them (based on their gender, age, income, etc.). Most of them don’t feel excluded – that’s especially true for people in South Africa, Argentina, and China. However, a significant percentage of people from India (68%), the United Kingdom (53%), and France (52%) feel excluded.
  • There’s a strong correlation between knowledge about Bitcoin and a positive outlook on Bitcoin and its future. For example, 41% of people who consider themselves experts on Bitcoin say they’re very likely to purchase Bitcoin in the next year. On the other hand, 47% of people with limited or no knowledge say they’re not too likely to purchase Bitcoin.
  • People with higher incomes are more optimistic about Bitcoin across all regions. For example, 48% of higher-income respondents from the APAC region are optimistic about Bitcoin, compared to 39% of lower-income respondents.
  • The main reasons for not buying Bitcoin are not knowing enough about it (51%), security risks (32%), price volatility (30%), uncertain regulatory outlook (29%), too expensive (27%), and not knowing where to buy it (22%).

crypto awareness statistics

  • Bitcoin awareness is higher than any other cryptocurrency. Among respondents who claim they’ve heard about various cryptocurrencies, 88% of them heard about Bitcoin, while only 43% of them heard about Ethereum.

Blockchain Statistics: Gaming & Metaverse 2022

  • The metaverse industry will become a $13 trillion industry by 2030. (Citi)
  • By 2026, a quarter of people will spend 1 hour a day in the metaverse. (Gartner)
  • VC investors invested more than $4.5 billion in the development of metaverse games and other metaverse projects. (DappRadar)

investing in blockchain games in 2022

  • $2.5 billion was invested in blockchain games in Q1 and Q2 2022 respectively. This includes investments for play-to-earn games as well as other types of blockchain games. That brings total investments in H1 2022 to $5 billion. It is predicted that the overall investments in 2022 will reach $12 billion. (DappRadar)
  • In Q2 2022, 52% of unique active wallets (UAWs) interacting with dApps were active in blockchain games. In other words, blockchain games drove the majority of all blockchain activity with almost 1.1 million UAWs. That’s 3% more than in the previous quarter. (DappRadar)

unique active wallets blockchain

  • The most notable gaming blockchain in Q2 2022 was Wax, with almost 400,000 UAWs. With 283,000 average UAWs, Hive was the second biggest gaming blockchain network. Additionally, Binance Smart Chain used to be the largest blockchain for gaming but is not in third place. (DappRadar)

splinterlands number of users

  • Splinterlands was the most popular blockchain game in terms of active users in June 2022, 8th month in a row. In Q2 2022, it had an average of 283,000 unique active wallets. Alien Worlds is second, with 188,000 average UAW, and Farmers World is third, with 124,000 average UAW. (DappRadar)

axie infinity user statistics

  • Axie Infinity lost as many as 40% of its users since Q1 2022. That was the result of the Ronin hack and SLP depreciation. However, while UAWs reached the lowest point in May 2022, they started increasing once again in June 2022 (DappRadar)
  • In June 2022, the floor price of metaverse land plots in Decentraland and The Sandbox increased by 30% to 40%. (DappRadar)
  • In Q2 2022, native tokens of popular metaverse games like MANA, SAND, and ENJ lost up to 82% of their value. (DappRadar)

Blockchain Gamers Statistics

Data source: Newzoo & Crypto.com research.

Respondents: 4,569 (across three major blockchain gaming markets – the United States, United Kingdom, and Indonesia).

  • 13% of respondents have played blockchain games in the past and 5% are currently playing. 40% have an interest in playing. 22% of respondents have no interest in playing blockchain games. Others were confused about the prospect of blockchain gaming or never heard of it.

blockchain gamers statistics gender

  • When we look at all gamers, the gender distribution is very equal. However, blockchain gamers lean towards men (60% are men and 40% are women).
  • The majority of blockchain gamers are Millennials and Gen Z.
  • The majority of blockchain gamers have mid-to-high-income levels.
  • Blockchain gamers are the most likely to play the following game genres: adventure, fighting, shooter, battle royale, and arcade.
  • The main reasons why blockchain gamers spend money on games are unlocking extra content, leveling up a character, personalizing character, gaining advantage, special offers, investing, and speeding up progress.
  • The main reasons why blockchain gamers don’t spend on games are: overly expensive content, the game is fun without extra content, items can be acquired by grinding, investment is required too early, not sure how long they’ll play, no bundle offers, and a lack of customization options.
  • Here’s why blockchain gamers play blockchain games: to earn a bit extra on the side (34%), grow crypto assets (30%), build an NFT collection (24%), because it’s fun (23%), to explore virtual worlds (20%), make a living out of a hobby (17%), collect items (15%), customize avatars (15%), and socialize (13%).

blockchain statistics gamers survey

  • Prospects require the following things from blockchain games to start playing: less cost of entry, more knowledge, more accessibly for non-techies, more exciting games, sustainable in-game economies, stable crypto market, and reducing negative climate impact.
  • Game features that appeal to blockchain gamers are appealing gameplay, appealing graphics, innovation, immersive story or lore, and a good soundtrack.
  • 77% of blockchain gamers have traded items in NFT marketplaces in the past.
  • Blockchain gamers prefer in-game markets for trading game items because they find it more reliable.

metaverse activities interest survey

Interest in the Metaverse

Data source: Newzoo’s Report – The Metaverse, Blockchain Gaming, and NFTs

  • 25% of gamers say they occasionally get together with other players in game worlds, but do not necessarily play the main game. 13% of gamers do this often. Furthermore, it’s nearly twice as common for people younger than 18 to do this compared to people older than 25.
  • 70% of questioned consumers (aged 14 to 50) say socializing in game worlds would make them play games more. This suggests the metaverse can be a catalyst to encourage even more consumers to play or return to playing games.
  • Activities consumers aged 14 to 50 want to do the most in the metaverse are: getting together with friends and family, watching TV, hosting events, attending concerts, attending parties, watching live sports, attending fashion shows, watching a lecture, and attending a flash mob.
  • Consumers aged 14 to 50 say the features they want to see in the metaverse are: the ability to customize their avatar, get free content, create content, switch game worlds, take items from one game to another, buy house decorations, buy outfits, watch movies, and buy real-life products.

top blockchain games in 2022

Top Blockchain Games of Q2 2022 by UAW

Data source: DappRadar

Here are the top blockchain games of Q2 2022 according to daily average unique active wallets.

  1. Splinterlands (283k)
  2. Alien Worlds (188k)
  3. Farmers World (124k)
  4. Upland (45k)
  5. Axie Infinity (33k)
  6. SecondLive (30k)
  7. Gameta (19k)
  8. MOBOX: NFT Farmer (19k)
  9. MiningNetwork (16k)
  10. Pegaxy (16k)

NFT Statistics 2022

  • From Q2 2021 the NFT trading volume went up 533% and reached $8 billion in Q2 2022 and sales went up by 59%, reaching 20 million in Q2 2022. (DappRadar)
  • NFT trading volume was $18.3 billion back in 2021, up a staggering 22,300% from 2020’s $82 million. That growth was boosted by various NFT marketplaces that allow users to trade NFTs. (Newzoo)
  • In Q2 2022, there was a 101% increase in trading volumes of Ethereum-based NFT collections. The trading volume of Polygon NFT collections has decreased by 26%. (DappRadar)
  • The total NFT secondary sales volume from the end of January to the beginning of August was81 million ETH or $68.71 billion. (Dune)
  • The market cap for the top 100 NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain is over 6 million ETH in June 2022, growing 7% amidst a 72% collapse of ETH’s price. (DappRadar)

  • When it comes to metaverse NFTs, their trading volume went up by 97% in Q2 2022, compared to the previous quarter. The sales went up by 27%. (DappRadar)
  • The number of daily NFT traders went up by 1,114%, from 2,412 in Q2 2022 to 29,289 in Q2 2022. (Dune)
  • In Q2 2022, the total NFT volume was over $42 billion. As a comparison, during the whole of 2021, the NFT volume was $40 billion. (Dune)

NFT Marketplace Statistics

  • NFT marketplaces with the most NFT sales in Q2 2022 were OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible, Foundation, and SuperRare. (Dune)
  • The number of OpenSea users went from about 36,000 at the beginning of 2021 to 1.8 million by the end of Q2 2022. (Dune)
  • There were almost 1 million transactions on OpenSea in Q2 2022. (Dune)
  • At the beginning of 2021, Rarible had 19 users, at the beginning of 2022, it had 18,351 users, and by the end of Q2 2022, it had 97,885 users. (Dune)
  • SuperRare went from 338 users at the beginning of 2020 to 4,639 by the end of Q2 2022. (Dune)
  • The number of Foundation users went from 15,000 at the beginning of 2022 to 21,400 by the end of June 2022.

Interest in NFTs

  • According to the analysis of user NFT tweets, people like NFTs the most in the following countries: Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Luxemburg, Cuba, Curacao, Taiwan, Columbia, France, Lebanon, and Vietnam. NFTs are disliked the most in the following countries – Poland, Nicaragua, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Mauritius, Kyrgyzstan, Jamaica, Ireland, and Kosovo. (CashNetUsa)
  • Countries most interested in NFTs (according to inhabitants’ Google searches) are Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Iceland, and the United States. (CashNetUsa)

top nfts by traded volume

Top NFTs by Traded Volume

Data source: Dune

In the image above, you can see a list of top NFTs ranked by traded volume.

top nft collections by volume in 2022

Top NFT Collections by Volume

Data source: Dune

Above, you can see a list of 20 top NFT collections by volume. CryptoPunks are still leading the way as the top NFT collection, followed by another very popular collection – Bored Ape Yacht Club.

top nft collections by sales in 2022

Top NFT Collections by Sales Count

Data source: Dune

This is a list of NFT collections that had the most sales during July 2022.

biggest nft sale pak merge

10 Biggest NFT Sales

  1. Pak’s The Merge NFT series sold for $91.8 million.
  2. Beeple’s “Everydays: the First 5000 Days” sold for $69.3 million in 2021.
  3. The Clock NFT, a collaboration between Julian Assange and Pak, was sold for $52.7 million in 2022.
  4. Beeple’s HUMAN ONE was sold for $28.9 million.
  5. CryptoPunk #5822 from the popular CryptoPunks collection was sold for $23.7 million.
  6. Alien Cryptopunk #7523 was sold for $11.75 million.
  7. TPunk #3442 was sold for $10.5 million.
  8. CryptoPunk #4156 was sold for $10.26 million.
  9. CryptoPunk #5577 was sold for $7.7 million.
  10. CryptoPunk #3100 was sold for $7.6 million.

DeFi Statistics 2022

  • DeFi’s total value locked (TVL) in Q2 2022 was estimated at $70 billion. That’s 69% less than in Q1 2022 and 33% less than in Q2 2021. (DappRadar)
  • Global crypto users are predicted to reach 1 billion by the end of 2022. (Crypto.com)
  • Top lending protocols by market cap in the last 90 days (May – July 2022) were Aave, MakerDAO, Compound, Abracadabra.money, Venus, Maple Finance, Homora, GoldFinch, TrueFi, and BENQI. (Token Terminal)

top defi equity deals in 2022

Top DeFi Equity Deals

Data Source: CB Insights

This is a list of top DeFi equity deals in Q2 2022.

decentralized exchanges perpetuals

Decentralized Exchanges Statistics

  • Q2 2022 saw a rise in perpetual DEX volumes (598.5%). They went from $19.39 billion in Q2 2021 to $135.48 billion in Q2 2022. (Bankless)
  • Top decentralized exchanges based on daily total value locked (TVL) in the past 90 days (May – July 2022) were UniSwap, Curve, PancakeSwap, Balancer, SushiSwap, Synthetix, dYdX, QuickSwap, GMX, and Synapse. (Token Terminal)
  • Leading decentralized exchanges based on daily trading volume in the past 90 days (May – July 2022) were Uniswap, dYdX, PancakeSwap, Curve, Ox, SushiSwap, Synthetix, Balancer, Gains Network, and Clipper. (Token Terminal)

top decentralized exchanges by market cap

  • Top decentralized exchanges by market cap during the last 90 days (May – July 2022) were Uniswap, Curve, PancakeSwap, dYdX, 1inch, Synthetix, Osmosis, Balancer, Loopring, and Maiar. (Token Terminal)
  • Top DEXs based on daily total revenue in the past 90 days (May – July 2022) were Uniswap, dYdX, PancakeSwap, GMX, Synthetix, SushiSwap, MetaMask, Balancer, Trader Joe, and Clipper. (Token Terminal)
  • Uniswap went from 20,000 users at the beginning of 2020 to over 4.1 million by the end of July 2022. (Dune)

crypto crime

Crypto Crime Statistics

Data source: Chainalysis

  • During Q2 2022, over $676 million worth of crypto assets were stolen. The main targets were blockchain bridges.
  • Illicit addresses received $14 billion in cryptocurrency in 2021.
  • The most prevalent type of cryptocurrency crime in 2021 was stolen funds, and to a lesser degree, scams.
  • Criminals stole the most cryptocurrency from DeFi projects.
  • There’s been significant growth in the usage of DeFi protocols for laundering illicit funds. In 2021, $8.6 billion worth of cryptocurrency was laundered.
  • There has been a 1,964% year-over-year increase in total value received by DeFi protocols from illicit addresses, reaching a total of $900 million in 2021.
  • Scamming revenue rose 82% in 2021 to $7.8 billion worth of cryptocurrency stolen from victims. Over $2.8 billion of this total came from rug pulls.
  • The company responsible for as much as 90% of all rug pulls in 2021 is Thodex, a fraudulent centralized exchange.

crypto money laundering

  • A group of just 583 deposit addresses received 54% of all funds sent from illicit addresses in 2021. Each of them received at least $1 million and all of them together received almost $2.5 billion worth of cryptocurrency.
  • Despite many cryptocurrency seizures, criminal whales are in possession of more than $25 worth of cryptocurrency from multiple sources. Moreover, their main sources are the Darknet market, scams, and stolen funds.
  • When it comes to NFTs there are two main types of illicit activity – wash trading (simultaneously selling and buying to artificially increase the value of an NFT) and money laundering by purchasing non-fungible tokens.

crypto regulations around the globe map

Crypto Regulations by Country

Finally, in the image above, you can check out crypto regulations for countries all over the globe.

Final Thoughts on Blockchain Statistics

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