Fold and Niantic Enter the Metaverse with an AR Bitcoin Game

Fold and Niantic Enter the Metaverse with an AR Bitcoin Game

by Mihovil Grguric

Fold and Niantic enter the metaverse with AR-based Bitcoin rewards game, taking a part in the blockchain world. The crypto in games, especially Bitcoin, has been very trendy lately since Viker also collaborated with Zebedee to bring Bitcoin to mobile gaming.

This game, called Fold AR, is currently in the beta testing phase. The augmented reality experience allows users to collect Bitcoin prizes, which are visible to users in their real–world surroundings. 

Moreover, Fold AR uses Niantic’s real-world mapping tools and Fold’s feature for earning Bitcoin rewards. The companies call this a step into the real-world metaverse. They explained it as the universe where the virtual worlds are all interconnected.

Fold stated that they had collaborated directly with Niantic to create a mobile game that would bring Bitcoin to the companies’ combined millions of users. 

Fold and Niantic also stated that they had combined development skills and expertise in mobile gaming and banking to create a one-of-a-kind earning experience for mobile users.

When it comes to the game, Fold AR users can explore the metaverse by locating and opening a Bitcoin rewards block every 10 minutes. Prizes appear after they tap the block to open it. The prizes are Bitcoin fractions known as satoshis. However, users may occasionally receive additional exclusive prizes.

Fold Walkthrough Game
Source: Fold

Exploring the Metaverse with Fold AR

Fold AR game is available for users to play in beta in the Fold App. The initial rollout of Fold AR’s beta version started on November 23rd, 2021. 

Currently, the game only allows a small number of users to access the AR experience. Each user gets to play the game for a limited time each day. Furthermore, Fold Visa Debit cardholders will receive special offers that will increase their Bitcoin cashback rewards in the app’s AR section. 

Users who download the Fold app will also receive a Fold wallet feature where they can store the Bitcoin they earned in the AR game. Additionally, Fold stated, this feature would come in handy with any of the future games that the companies might release.

Will Reeves, CEO of Fold, stated that this method of earning Bitcoin was the simplest and most enjoyable way to obtain the first piece of cryptocurrency. According to Reeves, anyone can use Fold AR to earn Bitcoin and other rewards simply by exploring their surroundings.

Furthermore, Reeves added, it was always important for Fold to allow anyone, regardless of education or technical expertise, to easily participate in the Bitcoin economy.

Meghan Hughes, head of Niantic’s AR platform marketing stated that Niantic envisioned a future where their platform technology and AR tools allowed people to explore new entertainment possibilities

Additionally, she commented that the real-world connection games helped Niantic push the boundaries of technology. Naturally, Hughes noted, Niantic saw a great opportunity in this partnership with Fold to use their AR tech and make Bitcoin more accessible. Furthermore, Hughes said, Niantic could utilize the opportunities presented to them in multiple categories that include payments.

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